About Us

All of Us Or None is a national organizing initiative of prisoners, formerly incarcerated people, friends and loved ones that organize and take action to end the discrimination in employment, housing, and social services that formerly incarcerated people face as the result of past felony convictions.


Ban The Box

Our “Ban the Box” campaign calls for the elimination of the questions about past convictions on initial public employment applications. Our aim is to win policy change through grassroots mobilizations, and to build a political movement of formerly-incarcerated activists. This campaign allows us to target and challenge the many “boxes” on a variety of applications (i.e. employment, housing, social services, etc.) we are required to check that support structural discrimination against formerly-incarcerated people.

Banning the box on public employment applications will contribute to public safety because it will promote stable employment in our communities. Communities of color and poor communities are vulnerable to mass imprisonment, racial profiling, school closures, and low employment rates. People coming out of prison or county jails need to feed their families, pay rent, reunite with their families, and become contributing members of the community. People with jobs and stable community lives are much less likely to return to committing crimes in order to survive.

While AB-218 Fairness in hiring was passed in California, the implementation and furtherance of this practice will remain a focus until we are freed from all forms of discrimination based upon past mistakes.

Other campaigns include 1) Stopping Jail Expansions in Riverside 2) being part of a greater statewide campaign to put an end to the practice of mass incarceration and 3) Redefine “crime free housing” and not base eligibility upon past arrests but upon current behaviors.


As members of All of Us or None, we pledge:
• To demand the right to speak in our own voices
• To treat each other with respect and not allow differences to divide us
• To accept responsibility for any acts that may have caused harm to our families, our communities or ourselves.
• To fight all forms of discrimination
• To help build the economic stability of formerly-incarcerated people
• To claim and take care of our own children and our families
• To support community struggles to stop using prisons as the answer to social problems.
• To play an active role in making our communities safe for everyone.